A start-up company in the United States is causing controversy over a video conferencing platform that has notified more than 900 employees of layoffs.


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On the 1st, Vishal Garg, CEO of American mortgage startup Better.com, invited more than 900 employees to a videoconference and announced the layoffs on the spot.

9% of the company's total workforce was cut through one video conference.

In the video, he said, "Your employment is now terminated immediately," he said.

The video conference video quickly spread through social media, and netizens criticized it as "a very rude method of dismissal."

The management explained only that the restructuring was based on market efficiency, performance and productivity.

Gag had previously been on the cusp of abusive language.

He recently became controversial by sending an e-mail to a slow-moving employee saying, "You are a stupid dolphin. Don't embarrass me and quit right now."

Netizens who saw this commented, “What about those who were struck by lightning before the Christmas holiday?

It's not like anyone else's.” and “Companies that do not know how valuable people are, will soon go bankrupt.”

(Screen source: YouTube Power of Banana)