The country with the most drunken residents in 2021 is Australia.

This is the conclusion of the large annual Global Drug Survey, based on the online responses of more than 32,000 people, reports


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According to this report, Australians have been very drunk on average 26.7 times a year, or almost twice a month.

On the podium, the country is followed by Denmark and Finland, both registering 23.8 moments of high drunkenness per year.

France ranks eighth with an average of 17.5 states of intoxication per year and per inhabitant.

At what point do we as a nation frankly discuss our problematic relationship with alcohol?

'Risky levels': Australia is the drunkest country in the world, survey finds

- Susan Carland (@SusanCarland) December 4, 2021

No regrets in Denmark and Finland

France is however first in terms of the annual frequency of alcohol consumption.

The countries where the population drank the least in 2021 are Mexico, New Zealand and Romania.

The survey also asks about regrets associated with alcohol.

In Denmark and Finland, we don't regret having drunk too much.

Conversely, the Irish, Poles and New Zealanders were the most likely to feel regret after an alcoholic evening.

In addition, 49% of those polled claiming regret explained it by the feeling of having "drunk too much and too quickly".

The survey also analyzed the change in drug use due to Covid-19.

Thus, 6% of respondents drank more than before because of anxiety related to the pandemic and 4% were very drunk because they had not drunk for a long time.


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