Carlos Sainz visits the exhibition and tours his country's pavilion

"Formula 1" star: impressed by "Expo"

  • Carlos Sainz at the Spanish Pavilion at the Expo.

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Spanish racing driver Carlos Sainz expressed his fascination with the full readiness of the Expo 2020 Dubai site in general, and his country's pavilion in the international event in particular, stressing his happiness to race in the region's circuits that are full of modern cities.

This came on the sidelines of a tour of Carlos Sainz, who is racing in the Formula 1 world championship with Scuderia Ferrari, around the site of "Expo 2020 Dubai", the day before yesterday, before the start of the 72nd season of the world championship for car racing in the "Formula 1" category. The Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be held in Abu Dhabi from the 9th to the 12th of this month.

The race car driver told the "Expo News Services Team" about his feelings after visiting his country's pavilion at the "Dubai Expo": "Of course I enjoyed the visit, and as a Spaniard, I feel proud, as I was impressed by the complete readiness of the international event site in general, and my country's pavilion in particular. This visit constituted a good opportunity to remember my country and all the wonderful places that abound in it, especially with my recent settlement in Italy, and the lack of opportunities available to me to visit Spain.”

towards the future

On the innovations currently used in Formula 1 cars, which can be used globally on a larger scale, he added: “We have the most efficient hybrid power units in the world. The efforts of all teams and all engine manufacturers to make such a sustainable engine are admirable. Next year, The percentage of ethanol in the fuel used will be limited to 10%, which will also make it more sustainable.”

He continued, "Formula 1 tends to be a leader when it comes to hybrid technology used to create road cars.

It aims to be at the forefront of those seeking to try new things, which will be applied later on the road, so I am sure that any direction we take will lead us towards the future.”

about sustainability

Carlos Sainz predicted that by 2030, "Formula 1" will have "a net zero carbon footprint... It's an ambitious plan, but I'm sure we can achieve it, as we all feel that this will make the auto industry more sustainable."

Regarding his participation in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and the hopes that he seeks to achieve in the race, he said: “I hope to finish the season with an advanced position, as I hope to win a good position in the top five, and perhaps stand on the podium (final), things have started.” It is clear who will come out on top in the championship standings, and I have been comfortable over the past few races, and I can’t wait to finish the last race with an advanced position.”

center of attraction

The Middle East has become a huge center of attraction for Formula 1 races, and with four races now organized in the Gulf region, what makes this region an exceptional destination for Formula 1 races?

And how much progress have you seen while racing here this time around?

“I see huge progress in everything related to motorsports in the region, and personally I love to race here, I have always liked the atmosphere of modern cities, and the public is more inclined to participate, and increasingly every year we return to racing, especially to enjoy the wonderful weather during the period The race is taking place, especially for the audience from Europe and its cold weather.

The race in Abu Dhabi has always been full of excitement, and I hope that the excitement will be multiplied with the new circuit and new design.”

Carlos Sainz:

• «Visiting (Expo) is a good opportunity to remember my country and its wonderful places, especially with my settlement in Italy, and the lack of opportunities available to me to visit Spain».

Leap in the cockpit of "Ferrari"

About his season with Ferrari, driver Carlos Sainz said: “My first year with the team was positive, I had a challenge to be fast, to score a lot of points for the team, and it was all without any testing before jumping into the cockpit of a new car. “During the winter, I think I hit the target, got a lot of podiums and a lot of points in the final races, so I think I can finish the season in one of the top places.”