Safety representatives from Vårdförbundet and Kommunal have resigned.

They love their work but notice that their colleagues soon do not have the strength.

- As a safety representative, it is tough to see that your colleagues are not feeling well, says assistant nurse Pernilla Klingspor who is also a safety representative for Kommunal.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority has inspected

The Swedish Work Environment Authority was recently inspected, as neither the Swedish Healthcare Association nor Kommunal thought that the situation improved after the work environment problems were alerted.

- I have worked here for twelve years and it only gets heavier and heavier, says John Harrysson who is a nurse and safety representative for the Healthcare Association.

Care debt after the pandemic

The pandemic has taken its toll and the debt of care has increased.

Many of the patients cared for by the orthopedist are not acutely ill and had to postpone their operations to make room during the worst pandemic months.

Then the staff at the orthopedist rushed in and relieved the medical department instead.

This means that the pressure is now even higher on the orthopedist.

- The basic problem lies in the understaffing.

There is the expectation that we will make up for the pent-up need after the pandemic, at the same time as we have not become more and covid is not gone.

Reality and expectations do not always go together, says Anna Stefánsdóttir, who is acting head of operations at the orthopedics.