Alexandre Chauveau 09:38 am, December 06, 2021

During his meeting Sunday in Villepinte, Eric Zemmour extended a hand to the electorate of the Republicans.

The former Figaro journalist hopes to rally supporters of Eric Ciotti to his cause, disappointed by Valérie Pécresse's victory in the right-wing primary.

The polemicist already has in his ranks several figures of the right.


Éric Zemmour launched on Sunday several appeals to voters of the Republicans (LR), in particular to those of Eric Ciotti who would be disappointed by the appointment of Valérie Pécresse, as well as to voters of the National Rally (RN).

The presidential candidate is thus trying to achieve the union of the rights that he has been calling for for several years.


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The polemicist multiplies the appeals of the foot

During Eric Zemmour's Villepinte meeting, the invitation to LR voters was launched from the speeches that preceded Eric Zemmour's speech.

At the podium, Paul-Marie Couteaux, champion of the Union of the Right, directly calls Eric Ciotti and Guillaume Peltier, vice-president of the Republicans, to join Zemmour's candidacy.

The polemicist drives the point home a few minutes later.

"I reach out to voters, executives, Republican sympathizers, many of whom have been represented by my friend Eric Ciotti. Your place is among us," he said.


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Eric Ciotti applauded at the Zemmour meeting

Eric Ciotti was applauded Sunday in Villepinte, especially by those who have already joined Eric Zemmour and who filled the first rows.

Among them, Laurence Trochu of the Conservative Movement, ex-Sens commun, support of François Fillon in 2017, but also Jean-Frédéric Poisson, former participant in the primary of the right in 2016, or Christine Boutin of the Christian Democratic Party.

The day after the appointment of Valérie Pécresse at LR, and while Eric Ciotti does not intend to deny his line, Eric Zemmour therefore continues his strategy of poaching Republicans.

But only favorable polls in the coming weeks would allow him to hope for such rallies, which he would also like to see come from the side of the National Rally.