“Everyone who talks about the Minsk Agreements, it is very important that they read not through a line, but literally, but if you literally read the Minsk Agreements, you can see who is responsible for what, and on whom the implementation of the Minsk Agreements depends,” he said. Shkhagoshev.

The deputy stressed that Kiev "does not want to implement the Minsk agreements and constantly maintains tension."

“I believe that it is impossible to resolve the problem without the Minsk agreements, and I do not see any alternatives,” the parliamentarian concluded.

Earlier Grushko said that accusations against Russia of non-fulfillment of obligations under the Minsk agreements are absurd.

He noted that such obligations simply do not exist.

On December 3, United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the US authorities see the implementation of the Minsk agreements as a way to overcome the growing tensions around Ukraine.