Volunteers in the exhibition: the happiness of visitors is our first goal

The ambassadors of «Expo» tirelessly spread joy


The volunteers of "Expo 2020 Dubai" succeeded in being truly ambassadors for the international event, and its means of communicating with its visitors, to help them sometimes, and to draw a smile on their faces at other times.

Expo celebrated the International Volunteer Day, which falls on December 5, by highlighting the stories of a number of enthusiastic Expo volunteers, who are distributed throughout the site, throughout the day, with hearts filled with a desire to perform the tasks entrusted to them to the fullest, due to their firm conviction. That the visitors' happiness is their first goal for which they joined this international event.

Young Abdul Qadir Al-Afifi (from Abu Dhabi) said: "I am participating for the first time in volunteer work, as I rushed to register as soon as the volunteer door was opened, to have the honor of participating in this international event, and a small part of the state's grace was returned to us as young people who belong to this giving country."

For her part, volunteer Ronali Adolfo (from the Philippines) expressed her happiness to participate in the volunteer team in the "Expo Dubai", adding: "I feel a great joy when I help visitors, especially children, and guide them to the destinations they want."

While volunteer Kholoud Al Yamahi (from Fujairah), confirmed that working in this international event is a more than wonderful opportunity to convey an honorable image of the UAE to visitors from countries around the world.

For her part, volunteer Farida Ibrahim (from Abu Dhabi) confirmed that volunteering is a humanitarian act and a lofty message, aimed at instilling the values ​​of love, tolerance, justice and equality among all humankind. As for volunteer Abeer Shuaib (from Saudi Arabia), she said that she has loved volunteer work since her childhood, expressing her pride in participating in the volunteer team at Expo 2020 Dubai, the first event of its kind for the Gulf countries and the region.

Volunteer Nadia Zia (from Pakistan) did not hide her overwhelming happiness in participating in volunteer work at the international exhibition, explaining: "My job is humanitarian work, and my mission is to draw a smile, and to help families and visitors enjoy their time around the (Expo 2020 Dubai) site." For his part, the Emirati youth, Saleh Mohammed (from Dubai), said, "The UAE and its wise leadership have instilled in us the values ​​of volunteerism and its importance in all aspects of life, and our participation in this global platform is a badge of pride on our chests." For the first time officially, he added, “I was pleased to participate in the service of my country, and to introduce visitors from different nationalities of the world to the good qualities of the people of the Emirates, and I invite everyone, especially the youth among them, to go through this wonderful experience, to hone their abilities with many experiences and experiences that they will benefit from in their daily and practical lives. ».

For his part, Ahmed Abdel Rahim indicated that he has been working in the voluntary sector for a long time, due to his firm conviction that this work serves humanity, and does not expect any financial compensation, stressing the importance of instilling a culture of volunteering in the hearts of young people and young people, so that they can become active members of their societies.


• “Participation in (Expo 2020 Dubai) is a badge of pride on our chests.”

• “Our work is a lofty message, its goal is to instill the values ​​of love and tolerance.”

great honor

Emirati volunteer Hamad Al Balushi confirmed that volunteering helped him acquire many important skills, the most important of which is how to deal with others, and the ability to draw a smile on the faces of Expo 2020 Dubai visitors, especially children, stressing that this experience is a great honor, and a source of pride and happiness.