• Vaccines for children, we start on December 16.

    Sileri: "No green-pass for them"

  • Vaccines, Ema recommends Pfizer use for children aged 5-11


05 December 2021

"We expect a cautious start, for the vaccination campaign on children from 5 to 11 years", starting in Italy from next December 16, "because whoever had to keep quiet has not done so, who has spoken without having the data yet or who he commented on the numbers without having much experience of what are the right numbers to define a benefit-risk ratio, in this case ". So half an hour more on Rai3 the scientific consultant of Commissioner Figliuolo, Guido Rasi, underlining that "severe forms of Covid in children" are growing in the departments. "Now the word goes to the pediatricians," says Rasi.

The numbers, explains Rasi, former Ema director, "are well known: 4 million children vaccinated in the US, more than the entire pediatric population than we have to vaccinate. They have no important signal, indeed far fewer side effects than the population. between 11 and 18 years, and this was expected. At that age the child has fewer factors that can determine an adverse response to a vaccination. The Italian society of pediatrics - continues Rasi - has expressed itself in an absolutely clear and unequivocal way. seeing severe Covid growth in the wards in children "with the risk of a 'long Covid' on the little ones. "That is the biggest danger because we really don't know that. It is the virus that is experimental, not the vaccine."

Omicron, stop talking about it until you have data

"We must stop talking about Omicron until we have the answer to two very specific questions: clinically how does it behave? Does it 'hole' or does it 'not' vaccine? When we have these two answers we will tell who Omicron is, what it will do and how we will have to manage it. "explains the scientific consultant again. On the first question "the numbers are gathering. I would go too far to say that in a couple of weeks we will have this answer. That is clinically what it does. We all fear that it gives a more severe disease than the Delta variant which is the prevalent one." The second question is - emphasizes Rasi - whether it 'hole' as they say in the jargon, or does it not 'hole' vaccines. Here, too, we don't have an answer. We can make all the conjectures, they are all true and all false. The numbers will tell us in a short time hopefully.It is not easy to collect these numbers because luckily it is not yet widespread ".