“Mr. Weber has always been against Nord Stream 2, and he spoke out on this score quite actively and aggressively,” Svetov said.

According to him, the upcoming talks between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden are also influencing the situation.

The expert stressed that in this situation, "hysterical statements" appear, the purpose of which is to accuse Russia of alleged aggression. 

“Some kind of maps of 'invasion', deployment of troops are being printed, that is, the situation is escalating to the already impossible hysteria.

That is, Nord Stream 2 has become such a bargaining chip: they say, if you don’t do something, as the European Union and NATO demand, then Nord Stream 2 will not work, ”the political scientist said.

However, he explained that "all their sanctions were surmountable."

“Therefore, it seems to them now that it is precisely Nord Stream 2 that can be used to force Russia to act as they want with a cudgel,” said the interlocutor of RT.

Earlier, Weber, in an interview with Bild am Sonntag, called for the "winding down" of the Nord Stream 2 project if Russia and Ukraine unleash an armed conflict.