What actually still has to happen in Saxony so that the interior minister there takes more decisive action against radicalized corona deniers, lateral thinkers and vaccination opponents?

The fact that an apparently right-wing extremist mob in the style of the SA or the Ku Klux Klan armed with torches can pull up in front of the house of the Saxon health minister characterizes the threat situation - but also the long-suffering of the security authorities.

The limits of freedom of expression in the Free State have long been exceeded in many cases. Week after week, believers in conspiracies and right-wing extremists march in an intimidating manner in many places in the country with the lowest vaccination rate - without observing the corona rules and unmolested by the police. Protection of the constitution feared further acts of violence not only since the fatal shots of a perpetrator close to the lateral thinker movement in Idar-Oberstein.

The debate about the compulsory vaccination (which was categorically excluded by most politicians for a long time) strengthens the hard core in its conspiracy belief that a corona dictatorship is imminent, against which resistance is the first angry citizen duty. Such myths are fueled by overthrow fantasies, which are also spread by AfD politicians in the anti-social network Telegram: a platform for hatred and agitation that not only Saxony's Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer rightly sees as a danger to democracy.

The fact that the radicalization of anti-vaccination opponents at the end of the second Corona year is not a Saxon or German phenomenon is shown by the mass protests in other European countries, above all in Austria, where tens of thousands of citizens radicalized by the FPÖ protested against the planned mandatory vaccination over the weekend.

But despite all the talk of a split in society, it must be said that the vast majority in this country, as in Austria, have nothing to do with this scene.