Chinanews, December 5, according to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, the Italian Ministry of Civil Defense reported on the 3rd that there were 17,030 new confirmed cases and 74 deaths.

As of 18:00 on the 3rd, there were a total of 5,077,445 confirmed cases nationwide, 134,077 deaths, and 4,727,214 cured cases.

  According to reports, the Italian Ministry of Health released the latest epidemic surveillance data on the 3rd, showing that the weekly infection rate per 100,000 residents in Italy has risen from 125 in the previous week to 155; the occupancy rate of intensive care beds has risen from 6.2% to 7.3%. The occupancy rate rose from 8.1% to 9.1%.

At present, there are still nearly 3.5 million Italian adults who have not yet received the new crown vaccine.

  According to the regulations of the Italian Ministry of Health, starting from the 6th, Italy will officially use the "Super Green Pass" measure.

The "Super Green Pass" is suitable for indoor catering, cinemas, theaters, stadiums, public events or ceremonies, and dance halls; the "General Green Pass" is suitable for outdoor catering, workplaces, public transportation, hotels, ski resorts, gyms and swimming pools.

  The Italian Ministry of the Interior has issued a notice regarding the inspection regulations of the "Green Pass" to local law enforcement agencies.

Individuals or businesses who violate the provisions of the "Green Pass" will receive a fine of 400-1000 Euros.

If the violation occurs 3 times on different dates, the business can be suspended for 1-10 days; those who enter the workplace without a "green pass" can be suspended for 5 days and fined 600-1500 euros; employers who do not check the "green pass" Can be fined 400-1000 Euros.

  Hodcroft, a virologist at the University of Bern, speculated from the genetic map that the Omi Keron variant can be traced back to mid-2020.

Researchers believe that there are three possibilities for the origin of the Omi Keron variant, which originates from people whose virus is not well monitored and has not been sequenced; originates from people with weakened immune systems that cannot be completely cured; and originates from "reverse zoonotic diseases." Transmission means that the virus spreads from humans to animals, and then back to humans after being mutated.

  Caruso, president of the Italian Association of Virology, said that if the new variant proves to be more infectious but less aggressive, then Omi Keron may be the variant we are waiting to appear.

For viruses, the best way is to spread faster through evolution, but not to cause fatal damage to the host.

In this way they can continue to reproduce.

The more mild or even asymptomatic the virus host is, the more it is conducive for the milder variant virus to defeat other variants in a faster and more contagious manner.

  Experts from the Italian Ministry of Health said at a news conference on the new crown pneumonia epidemic that, except for the 9 confirmed cases, Omi Keron virus has not yet spread in Italy.

(Huang Xin)