A volcano erupted on Java Island, Indonesia on the 4th, killing one person and injuring more than 40 people so far.

There are some people around the site who have been late to escape, and there is concern that the damage will spread.

According to Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency, Semeru erupted 130 kilometers south of Surabaya, the second largest city in the country in the eastern part of Java Island, on the 4th.

The height of the eruption reached 12,000 meters, and lava flowed down to a place more than 500 meters away from the crater.

The footage provided by the local disaster prevention authorities shows people fleeing as the gray eruption approaches.

The eruption has killed one person, injured 41 people, and lost the whereabouts of two people.

In addition, although 300 households have been evacuated, 10 have been delayed and another 8 have been left behind in the office of a nearby mine, so there are concerns about the spread of damage.

Mount Semeru, about 3600 meters above sea level, erupted in January, calling attention to volcanic activity by authorities monitoring the volcano.