China News Service, New York, December 3rd. The Oakland County Attorney of the United States, Michigan, announced on the 3rd that Ethan Clumbley, the suspect in a recent school shooting in the state, was charged with "involuntary manslaughter" (involuntary manslaughter). (Ethan Crumbley)'s parents.

  On the same day, Oakland County Attorney Karen McDonald (Karen McDonald) said at a press conference that the actions of the suspect in the Oxford High School shooting and 15-year-old student Clumbury caused a total of 4 deaths and 7 deaths. People were injured.

As the owners of the guns involved, the parents of the suspects failed to fulfill their parental responsibilities and allowed their sons to touch pistols or even search for ammunition online. They will face serious criminal consequences.

  MacDonald said that not all cases of death or injury caused by shooting by a minor will result in the prosecution of his parents.

This case is extraordinary, and the suspect’s parents made an extremely bad mistake.

The prosecution has charged each of the suspect’s parents with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter, and hopes to send a message to the public that gun owners are responsible for their guns.

  According to the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the pistol used by the suspect Crumbury was purchased by his father on "Black Friday" with him.

A few days before the incident, a teacher at Oxford High School saw Klumbus using his mobile phone to search for pistols and ammunition. The school contacted his parents, but his parents did not take it seriously.

Clenbury's mother even sent a text message to her son, "I'm not angry with you, you have to learn not to be caught".

  According to the report, on the morning of the incident, a teacher saw the semi-automatic pistols and bullets drawn by Clumbury and the words "blood everywhere". The school urgently called his parents to meet and asked them to let them within 48 hours. Crumbury received psychological counseling.

However, after they arrived at the school, they did nothing. After meeting with the school, they left directly and told Clumbli to return to the classroom.

  CNN said that it is extremely rare for parents to be charged with felony after a child shot and killed someone.

If convicted, they will face up to 15 years in prison.

On the 3rd, the parents were summoned and should have appeared through video. However, as of the end of the court's office hours, they did not appear.

The local law enforcement agency said it was unable to determine the current location of the two.

Their lawyer stated that the two did not escape.

  The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office released photos of Jennifer and James Crumbley and their vehicles in the afternoon.

Oakland County Deputy Sheriff Michael McCabe (Michael McCabe) said that he is working with the U.S. Judicial Police to search for the Clumbres and believes it is only a matter of time before they can be found.

  On November 30, a shooting occurred at Oxford High School outside Detroit, resulting in 4 deaths and 7 injuries.

On December 1, the suspect Clumbury was charged with 4 counts of first-degree murder, 1 count of death caused by terrorism, 7 counts of intentional murder and assault, and more than 20 counts.