China News Service, Fuzhou, December 4 (Reporter Yan Xu) Fujian Province "Teacher and Apprentice" Taiwan Talent Project Capital Matchmaking Conference and Taiwan High-level Talent Identification Policy Interpretation Activity was held on the 4th at the Cross-Strait Community Exchange Center in Jin'an District, Fuzhou City.

  This event was hosted by the Fujian Provincial Service Center for Introducing Talents. An offline main venue was set up at the Cross-Strait Community Exchange Center, attracting more than 30 offline experts and scholars in Rong Taiwan to participate, and through the online conference system, connecting the mainland and the island More than 80 Taiwanese talents jointly participated in and released the project. At the same time, more than 200 people from Fujian Province’s village cadres, leaders of industrial departments of counties, cities and towns, and investment and financing institutions were invited to observe online.

  It is reported that this event received a total of 26 scientific research projects by Taiwanese experts, 5 of which were displayed on the day of the event. The township construction and environmental renovation project of Taiwanese talent Professor Wu Zhenglong attracted to the starting town of Luoyuan County and Puyuan County, Zhouning County. The town’s attention is expected to be signed.

The "Smart Hui Jin'an" Taiwan Talent Station in Jin'an District, Fuzhou City was unveiled.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  According to Zhao Yongli, deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Service Center for Introducing Talents, this event originated from the "Teacher and Apprentice" program implemented by the Fujian Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. "Fujian Talent Service Market Day" recommends industrial projects of leading talents in innovation and entrepreneurship inside and outside the province to various entrepreneurial groups, and leads, co-organizes, and co-organizes various economic entities in various places.

This event is a special event held for Taiwanese talents at the Fujian Talent Service Market Day and the "Teacher and Apprentice" Talent Project Capital Matchmaking Meeting, aiming to introduce Taiwanese experts and scholars' outstanding industrial projects to Fujian.

  The main venue of the event was held in Jin’an District, Fuzhou City, "Zhihui Jin’an" Taiwan Talent Station unveiled, "Taiwan High-level Talents "Zhihui Jin’an" Service Agreement" and "Teacher and Apprentice" Taiwan Talent Project Fuzhou permanent venue (Jin An District Cross-Strait Community Exchange Center) signing ceremony.

  "The Cross-Strait Community Exchange Center will become the permanent venue for the Fujian Province's "Teacher and Apprentice" Taiwan Talent Service Market Day, as well as a venue for temporary offices, project exhibitions, large-scale conferences and events exchanges for Taiwan's high-level talents. Provide a warm harbor." Liu Changsheng, director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the People's Government of Jin'an District, said that Jin'an District will build a stage for Taiwanese talents to display their talents and provide talented services with warmth and precision.

  Dr. Lan Hai, the former head of the micro-electromechanical department of Hon Hai Company in Taiwan, believes that through the establishment of a platform for the "Teacher and Apprentice" Taiwan Talent Project and Capital Matchmaking Conference, some of Taiwan’s deep-cultivation industrial projects in the field of science and technology will be "grafted" to various entrepreneurial groups in Fujian. , In the form of "teacher and apprentice", leading, co-organizing, and co-organizing various economic entities across Fujian, incubating entrepreneurial talents, landing innovative enterprises, this approach is very good, and comprehensively takes care of entrepreneurial talents on both sides of the strait.