China News Service, December 4th. According to a report by the American Chinese website, the New York police said that two unprovoked knife wounds occurred near Columbia University's Manhattan campus recently, resulting in the death of a Columbia student and injuring a tourist.

The source said that the suspect is believed to be related to another attack that occurred 12 hours ago.

  According to reports, local police claimed that a 30-year-old Columbia University student was stabbed in the stomach on the evening of the 2nd local time.

He was pronounced dead at St. Luke's Hospital on Mount Sinai.

  After the incident, Columbia President Lee Bollinger confirmed in an email to the students that the deceased was Davide Giri, a student of the school.

Bollinger wrote: "I am writing with great sadness to tell you that David Giri of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences was killed in a violent attack near the campus on Thursday night."

  The email also stated: “This news is both unspeakably sad and deeply shocking, because it happened just a few steps away from our school.”

  The police said that during the investigation, they found that a second man, a 27-year-old Italian tourist, was also attacked with a knife.

He was taken to the same hospital for treatment and is in stable condition.

Allegedly, the tourist arrived in New York just a day ago.

  The police said they subsequently arrested a 25-year-old man in Central Park, who is believed to be involved in the serial stabbing case.

He was subsequently identified as Vincent Pinkney.

  According to the police, Pinckney was threatening another man with a knife when he was detained.

The third victim was not injured.

  According to law enforcement sources, it is believed that Pinckney also attacked another person 12 hours ago. The initial attack occurred in the early hours of the 2nd.

An eyewitness claimed that the suspect stabbed his friend in the neck and ran away.

The victim has been taken to the hospital and his injuries are not life-threatening.

  The police said Pinckney was a member of a gang and had a long criminal record.

The source also revealed that since 2012, he has been arrested 11 times for a series of crimes such as robbery and assault.

According to records of the New York State Department of Corrections, Pinckney was convicted of gang assault in 2015 and served two years in prison for four years.