Presidential 2022: Marine Le Pen in Warsaw to exist between the LR Congress and Zemmour

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The leader of the far-right National Rally (RN) party and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen (C) takes part in a wreath laying ceremony in front of the War Memorial in Warsaw on December 3, 2021. AFP - WOJTEK RADWANSKI

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The National Rally presidential candidate is in Poland to meet with 14 European nationalist parties.

48 hours on site to try to convince them to come together in a single group in the European Parliament.

The opportunity also for Marine Le Pen to gain height on the European scene facing the right and Eric Zemmour.



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With our special correspondent in Warsaw,  

Julien Chabanne

A procession of black sedans and a police escort were waiting for him at the airport.

As in


at the

end of October, Marine Le Pen is received in Warsaw with the honors of a foreign dignitary.

Recollection and wreath laying in front of the monument to the dead victims of the Russian invasion.

Stroll through the streets of the historic center.

Marine Le Pen is in a presidential posture 1,600 kilometers from the bickering of the countryside on the right.

I'm not trying to put myself above the fray, 

" said the RN candidate, "

 but it turns out that I am a former movement president, a presidential candidate who has allies in Europe. and who considers that the fight waged at European level is an absolutely fundamental fight.

But it is also important when I am elected President of the Republic if the French trust me because you have to have allies. 


European allies like the Hungarian leader Viktor Orban with whom she dined at the table of the Polish Prime Minister.

Large family photo this Saturday December 4th.

A perfect counter-programming between the Congress of Republicans and the meeting of Eric Zemmour. 

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"An important step"

A large nationalist group in the European Parliament, Marine Le Pen dreams of it.

But the process is still unsuccessful.

The fault of the internal elections across Europe, assures Marine Le Pen. 


It's not really that it blocks,

wants to believe the candidate of the RN.

It is a long-term job to succeed in bringing together all the political movements. It takes time. We ourselves have electoral deadlines and each other in our respective countries. I believe that this is an extremely important step. I obviously thank Mr. Kaczynski for inviting us to work specifically on building this great political force.


What we will do [this Saturday] within the framework of a conference which will bring together the 14 representatives of the various political movements.

But I am very optimistic about the constitution of this great group.

I am thinking, moreover, of what happened to Poland, when it came up against blackmail and threats from the European Union.

Resistant Poland, once again, perhaps helps to make everyone aware that it is only in the union that we will succeed in bending the European Union in what it has to. more harmful.


Pécresse and Macron, "the same program"

While Marine Le Pen is in Warsaw, France, Les Républicains activists vote until noon on Saturday to choose who Éric Ciotti or Valérie Pécresse will be their presidential candidate. A duel between two rights in the second round of the party congress. The candidate of the National Rally does not believe that this election will give momentum to the right. According to her, Valérie Pécresse - who leaves favored - looks too much like Emmanuel Macron. 


I am not convinced of the possibility of a real dynamic on the right if this is not to the detriment perhaps of Mr. Macron,

supports Marine Le Pen.

Because if we see the people who remain in the running and obviously without wanting to presume the outcome of this result, Ms. Pécresse still looks a lot like Mr. Macron.

I mean, it's the same profile, the same route, the same program.

So if it is she who is in any case appointed, Mr. Macron has to worry




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