Cho Dong-yeon, the permanent co-election chairperson of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was engulfed in a privacy controversy, effectively resigned yesterday (2nd).

It has been only two days since Lee Jae-myung was appointed as the 'No. 1 recruited talent' by the presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung, along with CEO Song Young-gil, to the 'Two Top'.

It seems that the confusion and damage to the fleet that have just completed the renovation work will not be small.

The theory of responsibility for CEO Song, who led the recruitment, is also expected to be inevitable.

According to politicians, Chairman Cho said on his Facebook page, "I will carry it on my shoulders, so please stop making it difficult for innocent families. Even if you don't do that, it's already been a hard enough time." I wrote.

He wrote, "I don't want to blame anyone," and "I know very well that no matter how much you struggle and shout, it's no use."

He also appealed, "It feels like the hard times I've been living are being polluted in an instant, and my whole life is gone."

It was rumored that this post was once deleted, but it is known that it has become visible again to acquaintances who are Facebook 'friends'.

As the controversy surrounding his private life grew to a full blown wave, it is accepted that he actually expressed his intention to step down.

Regarding this, a key member of the senior leadership team said, "I can't contact him, so I don't know the truth, but since I posted something like that, isn't my resignation inevitable?"

Chairman Cho received attention as a new signboard of the renewing squadron immediately after recruiting, with a history of being a military and space expert from a female military officer and a symbol of being a working mom in his 30s.

However, since then, a controversy related to privacy arose, and both Chairman Cho and the Democratic Party were in a difficult situation.

Chairman Cho appeared on the radio and cried, "I'm so sorry and sorry," but he protested, "I wanted to ask if someone like me doesn't even get the chance to take on a challenge."

After that, he did not participate in the announcement of the appointment of the general manager and the recruitment of the former captain, and began to contemplate.

The Democratic Party also tried to block the controversy by saying it was a private matter that had nothing to do with public affairs, but internally, it looked at the trends of public opinion and struggled with it.

In the end, it is interpreted that Chairman Cho is taking the procedure of voluntarily resigning in consideration of the situation in which his family will be seriously hurt and the political burden of the party.

In this regard, Democratic Party Supreme Councilor Kim Yong-min uploaded a screenshot of an article on Chairman Cho's resignation on Facebook and said, "People should be at the center of politics, but it's really unfortunate that only cruelty remains."

When Chairman Cho's post came up late yesterday evening, the Democratic Party hurriedly tried to figure out Jin, but he was unable to reach him, so he was in a state of emergency.

When the Democratic Party lost contact with Chairman Cho, it also reported to the police at 9:55 pm yesterday.

It was reported that there were no major problems with Chairman Cho's life.

After finishing the plenary meeting late last night, Chairman Song went into the party representative's office with a firm expression on his face and discussed countermeasures for about an hour.

He left the National Assembly with a confused expression without answering reporters' questions such as 'Did Chairman Cho personally resign?'