It was in March this year that the police encountered the 14-year-old in a town in the county.

According to the verdict, the police had criminal suspicions about the 14-year-old.

The police then carried out a physical examination of the 14-year-old, according to the verdict.

- A body inspection requires the approval of prosecutors and this is because you examine the human body's interior and exterior.

At a body search, you only look through the clothes, said Marianne Nordström, chief prosecutor at the special prosecutor's chamber, when the indictment came.

Denied a crime

However, there was no approval from prosecutors.

The police have denied the crime and claimed that he only did a body search.

However, the district court makes the assessment that the police have been guilty of misconduct.

For this he is sentenced to a 60-day fine.

In total, he must pay SEK 14,400.

He was also charged with false testimony, but from this he is acquitted.

The police personnel responsibility committee has previously decided that the police in question may keep the job even if he is convicted.