[Explanation] Recently, several Chinese students were attacked by a group of teenagers on the Philadelphia subway in the United States. The 18-year-old Chinese girl Lu Minhui came forward and argued with the attackers. The video of the brutal assault by the four attackers has attracted widespread attention on the Internet. .

The U.S. District Attorney’s Office charged four teenagers with multiple charges. The police determined that this was a racially motivated attack.

  [Commentary] On November 30th local time, a reporter from China News Agency interviewed Lu Minhui online.

Recalling the violent attack on the subway that day, she still has lingering fears.

  [Contemporary] Bravely for the student Lu Minhui

  My classmates and I also got on the subway. We saw that group of (Asian) boys found a seat and sat down. Then the (African) girl walked towards the group of boys and started attacking them.

They attacked the boys only because they were Asian.

Then I stepped up to stop them from doing this. The girls started yelling at me, then turned around again, and I stopped them again.

I can't remember some details clearly, and I was a little dizzy at the time.

When I was knocked to the ground, my classmates tried to pull me up, and they protected me with their bodies.

  I didn't think so much, I just felt dizzy the first time I hit me.

I was also a little scared at the time.

  [Explanation] Under the violent siege of the four attackers, Lu Minhui's left eye was beaten with redness, swelling and bleeding, and multiple bruises all over the body. So far, there is still a scar on the eye socket, and subsequent psychological treatment is required.

  [Contemporary] Bravely for the student Lu Minhui

  I haven't gotten out of this matter yet.

So I don't know what kind of (psychological) reaction I will have if I take the subway or other means of transportation besides the car in the future.

On the first day (after the incident), I had a nightmare.

And sometimes, I am afraid to open the door.

Especially when it's dark at night, I can't see what's outside.

At this time I will call my mother and ask her to go home quickly.

At this time, she would ask nearby neighbors to ring our doorbell.

  [Explanation] Although she has experienced physical and psychological harm, she said that she does not regret it and will stand up if something similar happens.

After the incident, many people called her a "hero", but she said that she just did a right thing.

The word "hero" is too big for her.

  [Contemporary] Bravely for the student Lu Minhui

  I don't think I am a hero, the word is too big for me.

I just did the right thing. No matter who was bullied, I would come forward, regardless of skin color or belief.

I will not regret it, if there are similar things, I will stand up.

  [Commentary] Lu Minhui expressed that he hopes that through the dissemination of the attack video, everyone will realize that this kind of thing often happens in the United States, and some things need to be changed. I hope that everyone will unite and resist violence and bullying.

  [Contemporary] Bravely for the student Lu Minhui

  In the subway, similar things are common.

My brother has been beaten before. He (the attacker) just beat and left. Regarding the safety of Asians, I think we need to unite to face this problem.

Because in the United States or other parts of the world, it is difficult to change this status quo. We must unite and resist violence together, so we need to hold rallies to speak out these things that are not right.

  [Explanation] On the day of the interview, the Philadelphia Chinese Association organized a large demonstration at 11 am to protest and oppose racial discrimination and bullying.

Lu Minhui also delivered a keynote speech at the rally.

  [Contemporary] Bravely for the student Lu Minhui

  I hope all people from different backgrounds can realize the true meaning of my message.

We need to unite and speak out against the violence and school bullying in today’s society.

It's like the sentence "We are strong when we are together, and weak when we are apart".

  Many people say that I should fight back, or that the boys are cowards.

First of all, combating violence with violence is not one of my values.

Secondly, the double standard in our society, that boys must be strong and girls must be obedient, makes me very miserable.

This puts pressure on young people, putting their behavior and the real them in a box, causing psychological and emotional damage.

The public must transcend gender identity and understand that we are all human beings.

  [Commentary] Lu Minhui was born and raised in the United States, and his ancestral home is Fujian, China.

Although she grew up in the United States, she was also influenced by Chinese culture and hopes to promote Chinese culture.

  [Contemporary] Bravely for the student Lu Minhui

  I hope they (Americans) can welcome the Asian community.

We (between the two groups) can learn from each other.

Asian groups have a very important family concept. I think this is very important because it will make you feel that there is a huge group standing behind you.

Similarly, I believe they will like and want to learn about our culture, our food, and some of our traditions.

I hope they can understand where we come from and how we communicate.

  Li Jiali reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]