Amid concerns about the spread of infection with the new mutant virus "Omicron strain" of the new corona, the Japan Medical Association and the National Governors' Association will shorten the interval between the third vaccination and the second vaccination, which is 8 months or more in principle. We agreed that we should, and confirmed that we would encourage the government to move the vaccination forward.

On the evening of the 2nd, the Japan Medical Association and the National Governors' Association exchanged opinions online on how to deal with the new coronavirus.

Among them, Chairman Nakagawa of the Japan Medical Association said about the third vaccination, which started for people who are more than eight months old in principle from the second vaccination. It became necessary to flexibly advance the inoculation from the well-established local governments. I would like the government to increase the transparency of the vaccine supply schedule and supply it smoothly. "

In addition, Governor Hirai of Tottori Prefecture, who serves as the chairman of the National Governors' Association, said, "While having the government flexibly approve of exceptional measures that can shorten the inoculation interval to 6 months, we are promoting the creation of an inoculation system that can truly confront the Omicron strain. I want to keep going. I have to clarify the availability of vaccinations so as not to cause confusion. "

The two sides agreed that the interval with the second dose should be shortened, and confirmed that they would work to encourage the government to advance the third dose and clarify the outlook for vaccine supply.