"Energy and Infrastructure" opens the western Khorfakkan Ring Road, one of the strategic roads on the eastern coast

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure inaugurated a project to develop, raise the efficiency and complete the Maliha road from Sheikh Khalifa Street and (E99) road, linking them to the first phase (Khorfakkan Western Ring Road), in front of traffic, in conjunction with the celebrations of the United Arab Emirates fiftieth anniversary, to be a real breakthrough For the next fifty years within the framework of developing infrastructure in the various emirates of the country, for the benefit of the country and the citizen, and the various social, tourism and land transport sectors.

The Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, Suhail bin Muhammad Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, confirmed, on the occasion of this strategic achievement that serves the infrastructure system on the eastern coast, that the United Arab Emirates has paid special attention to infrastructure development projects in the various emirates of the country aimed at serving the community, and improving the quality of roads and transport. land, enhancing global competitiveness, and its role in strong transit for the next fifty years, and that the state has sought, since the establishment of the Union in 1971, to link the various emirates with a network of modern and advanced arterial roads to facilitate movement, support trade, economic, tourism and social cohesion, and achieve happiness and the quality of life that our wise leadership aspires to. .

He said: "The UAE aims to continue the process of sustainable development by harnessing all resources and capabilities and investing in expertise, minds and exceptional competencies to develop the energy, infrastructure, housing and transportation sectors in a way that achieves the aspirations of the government and serves its vital interests, and that the development process in various vital sectors continues to achieve the aspirations of the rational leadership, and meet the aspirations of the people The UAE, achieving the highest indicators of happiness for citizens and residents, and crossing into the bright future that the UAE government seeks, leading to the 2071 centenary.”

Al Mazrouei added: "The project will enhance the economic position of the eastern coast, which hosts a number of heavy and medium industries in various fields, which are a mainstay of the national economy and the country's domestic product. It represents a quantum leap towards supporting the industrial, commercial, tourism and social renaissance in which the UAE has made great strides.

He explained that the 10 kilometer long road is a strategic axis within the structural plan of the road network implemented by the ministry on the eastern coast, and contributes to enhancing the possibility of light vehicles and trucks moving in a more smooth manner and easing traffic congestion in the city center, especially on national occasions and holidays, and transferring it via a road. A roundabout outside the city, and it will reduce the journey time by more than 60%, i.e. from 30 minutes to 10 minutes between the Al-Hayawa and Al-Hari areas, while the road will accommodate more than 40,000 vehicles per day in each direction. 

It will also enhance traffic safety by moving trucks from the city center, and will also contribute to protecting the area from rain water thanks to the network of canals, water ferries and the protections included in the project.

Al Mazrouei continued: "The directions of the UAE government are aimed at achieving a sustainable environment and infrastructure, and the ministry has developed ambitious action plans to implement these directions, and has worked hard over the past years to provide infrastructure with all its parameters, including road networks, and to create all the appropriate conditions that achieve Well-being and quality of life, and that infrastructure is one of the most prominent manifestations of economic and social development, and the most important tributaries of civilized development on which it is relied upon to improve living conditions and provide basic services to the population of the state.

And he indicated that the project represents a qualitative achievement due to the ruggedness of the area through which the road passes, as the project to develop and raise the efficiency and complete the E99 road from Sheikh Khalifa Street starts from the intersection of the Yabsa Road in the Emirate of Fujairah to the city of Khorfakkan and then passes through the rugged mountainous area linking the Mudaifi area to the Al-Hari area and the Al-Hari area. Dibba Al-Fujairah through the existing road, and it consists of a double road in each direction that can be expanded to a third lane in the future, while it included excavation and backfilling works to build the road on retaining walls ranging in height between 7 and 39 meters, in addition to the construction of a number of water channels and ferries for draining Rain water to the existing water estuaries in the area, and includes works to protect the rocky cuts, in addition to establishing two road links at the Al-Madifi and Al-Haray areas.parties.

He said: As part of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure's efforts to support the sustainability system, we used in the project "Development, Upgrading and Completing the Maliha Road from Sheikh Khalifa Street and (E99) Road, and linking them in the first phase (Khor Fakkan Western Ring Road), a technique of recycling drilling materials to benefit from 85% From recycled materials in the implementation stages of the project, we also used LED lights to light the road, which in turn contributed to reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has completed 29 federal roads during the past 20 years serving many regions of the country, which reflects the ministry's keenness to develop and improve the road network, which meets the needs of population and urban expansion and expansion, and accommodates the growing increase in traffic. Federal roads in the UAE are more than 932 km, while the length of traffic lanes for federal roads has reached 4,334 km.

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