EH Bildu has closed its first budget agreement

with the



since the lehendakari was inaugurated in 2012. The nationalist coalition and the Minister of Economy and Finance

Pedro Azpiazu

have closed a pact that had been accelerated after the announcement by the spokesperson

Maddalen Iriarte

last Friday that they would not present an amendment to the totality of the 2022 accounts. The Government of PNV and PSE-EE, with an absolute majority to approve its budget project, has opened the door to the national coalition after retouching the fate of

253 million out of a total budget of 13,100 million euros


EH Bildu will also be a budgetary partner of PNV and PSE-EE in Euskadi after the pact reached late in the morning today.

Arnaldo Otegi's

parliamentary group

will abstain from voting

on the 2022 budgets after achieving changes in five sections of the budget worth

176 million euros plus another 77 million increase to R + D + i


In addition, the Basque Government admitted opening the negotiation to "political commitments" as EH Bildu had demanded but also other political groups such as

PP + C's and Elkarrekin Podemos

, both excluded from the negotiation after the first two rounds of meetings. The agreement reached with EH Bildu incorporates that the Basque Government promote

a Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) different from the rest of Spain

and proportional to the average income of the Basque Country, the implementation of a system to control the

price of housing rents

ay of fiscal measures that avoid the increase of the prices.

With this agreement reached in Euskadi, EH Bildu extends its capacity for institutional influence after reissuing in Madrid the support for the

Pedro Sánchez

Government budgets

and after achieving in Navarra since 2019 to become the partner that guaranteed the investiture of

María Chivite (PSOE)

in Navarra and the approval of the budgets of the provincial community.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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