Since former UKIP chairman and co-founder of the Brexit party, Nigel Farage, switched from the political stage to journalism, he has occasionally delighted employers with interviews with his friend Donald Trump.

Farage's latest platform is GB News, a new British television station that sees itself as an alternative to the supposedly one-sided, i.e. left-wing BBC.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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Because the former American president values ​​good friendship as much as good business, he used the performance to draw attention to his golf course in Scotland. This is increasingly being spoiled by wind power plants, he complained - at least that's what the private broadcaster reported before the conversation was broadcast on Wednesday evening.

Boris Johnson, who was also once a Trump friend, is making a "huge mistake" with his plan to turn Britain into a "Saudi Arabia of wind power," said the ex-president.

The wind turbines are "monsters", look "disgusting", "kill all the birds" and "start to rust after a few years".

"Environmentalists love this stuff, they hate the world."

Wind energy is "a terrible thing for Scotland - I can see that because I have large estates in Scotland and Ireland and I see these great fields with these horrific windmills everywhere."

During his tenure in office he had a good relationship with Johnson, but now the British Prime Minister has "become more (left) liberal," Trump is said to have found.

Blasphemy about Duchess Meghan

“Never a big fan” he was, however, of Meghan, said Trump. The Duchess of Sussex, who now lives in California, is "very disrespectful to the Queen", who is a historical person. He also doesn't think it's okay for her to bring her royal title to bear when she campaigns for women's rights with congressmen. Last but not least, Prince Harry is "used in a terrible way" by his wife. He could only wish the prince “good luck”, whatever the prince needed. During the American election campaign last year, the Sussexes spoke out against "hate speech" and "misogyny", which was perceived as influencing Joe Biden's favor.

In the interview recorded in Florida on Monday, Farage also addressed the storming of the Capitol following Trump's election defeat and the impeachment process.

The broadcaster withheld Trump's answers so far, as well as information on how he expressed himself about a renewed candidacy in the presidential elections.

"No topic has been taboo," promised GB News on Wednesday.

And Farage wrote to his 1.6 million followers on Twitter: "Don't miss this!"