The visitors confirmed their eagerness to share the joy with the Emirati people

The "Fiftieth" celebrations at the "Expo"... a global face of joy

  • Sultan, Hassan and Hazaa: Welcome to the world in Dubai.

  • Sheikha accompanied her two sons Rashid and Tim to attend the event.

  • Yurich with his daughter and wife.

  • Irish and Lena...the first meeting in 10 years.


The world gathers at Expo 2020 Dubai, with the commemoration of a national memory dear to the hearts of the Emirati people, the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the UAE, for which the management of the World Expo has prepared an unprecedented list of events, activities and various entertainment shows.

Visitors coming to the exhibition from the four sides of the earth confirmed that they are happy to be in the UAE these days, which coincide with the exceptional celebrations of the Union Day, expressing their surprise at the quality events announced.

The Indian, Yurish Hirani, who was busy taking pictures of his daughter in front of the UAE pavilion, said: “I have been visiting (Expo) since its inception, every weekend, but I am more excited today to attend, first to share with my daughter the joy of discovering it, and secondly to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Union, which represents an immortal moment in The history of the country, and we look forward to witnessing the dazzling celebrations of Eid.”

His daughter, Aditi, said: "I came to visit the World Expo and my father shared this special atmosphere. Fortunately, my vacation coincided with the national celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the union. Joy is the only thing that doubles in size when you share it with others."

"I expect the occasion to be exceptional by all accounts, and this is something I cannot miss," she added.

Emirati friends, Sultan Al Suwaidi, Hassan Ahmed Al Jaber and Hazaa Al Marzouqi, gathered to visit the exhibition and discover its pavilions and its various cultural and entertainment surprises, in light of the exceptional celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the UAE.

The three of them stressed the symbolism of this occasion because it is closely related to the national identity, and to the country's ambitious and pioneering achievements in all fields. They said that they are excited to witness and participate in the nation's celebrations, inviting all the peoples of the world to share the joy of the Emiratis on this precious national occasion.

As for the German, Paula Bangat, she has not missed her visit to the UAE since 2016, and specifically since she came to visit Dubai for the first time, she says.

And she continued, "We have known about the UAE's celebrations of its fiftieth anniversary since our arrival, and we were amazed by the manifestations of decoration, joy and the flags of the Emirates, during our wanderings between the corridors and sides of the exhibition, on the roads and at the hotel entrance ... happiness is everywhere here in the Emirates, and we feel that we are on a date with more joy during the days The upcoming events, as my daughter and I encountered a number of entertainment events and amazing dance performances, and enjoyed them with the audience of the exhibition, as we were stopped by the Emirati music that resounded in the Al-Wasl Dome, where we stopped to take some memorial photos, recorded a number of video clips and shared them with my husband to live the event with us.”

He said that she was happy to discover the exhibition, and to provide the opportunity to discover people here, referring to the experience of discovery she had today, "which is comparable in moral and human value to the journey of discovering the pavilions of countries, as we ate in the public dining hall, with five people from five countries, and this allowed us to get acquainted with to them and chatting with them about different topics related to our cultures, and this is an opportunity that I do not think is available except in a city like Dubai and a global event the size of (Expo).”

Despite her preoccupation with completing the preparations for the usual family meeting each year, to celebrate the National Day at home, the Emirati Sheikha Al-Falmarzi was keen to accompany her two sons Rashid and Tim to discover the exhibition and experience the festive atmosphere in it.

She said: "We came to enjoy the atmosphere, events and various activities, which we heard will be held on the grounds of the event and under the Dome of Al-Wasl, to celebrate this memory dear to our hearts."

She added, "We have prepared an exceptional atmosphere to celebrate this occasion, filled with entertainment activities and popular Emirati flavors."

She confirmed that she would follow up on the details of the official celebration of the country's fiftieth birthday, moment by moment, and said: "I expect it to be different."

Happy moments

More than 10 years after their last meeting, Irish Burrado, who lives in Dubai, met her brother-in-law Lina, the newly arrived in the country, while they were moving between the pavilions of the countries participating in the Expo 2020 Dubai.

The two women, happy to meet, raised the UAE flag under the dome of Al-Wasl, and took the most beautiful pictures of themselves through the lenses of their phones.

They told "Emirates Today" that they are happy to share this splendid atmosphere, with the Emirati people and residents, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Union.

They added, "We are grateful for this land, which made us live unique human experiences, through which we adapted to the culture of its society and the customs and traditions of its people, and we are happy to share with him those happy moments, which we hope will last forever."

• Joy is the only thing that doubles when you share it with others.

• Young citizens invited the peoples of the world to participate in the joy of Eid.