, Taipei, December 1. The board of directors of Taiwan Inventec Co., Ltd. resolved on December 1 that its subsidiary solar cell factory Inventec will file for bankruptcy on the same day.

  Based on reports from the "Economic Daily" and Central News Agency, Inventec held a press conference on the 1st to announce that its subsidiary Inventec will pay NT$2.217 billion in debt due to insufficient assets in its financial report on November 30 and will report to Taoyuan in the afternoon of the same day. The court applied for bankruptcy.

  Inventec Chief Financial Officer You Jinbao said at the press conference that the current domestic and foreign competitors are bidding at low prices, coupled with the poor solar energy industry, Inventec has reduced its business scale; while the epidemic continues to be severe, the solar energy industry has become more sluggish, although shrinking The scale of operation is still unable to withstand the increase in losses.

Inventec said that the accumulated losses have been recognized, so there is no significant impact on the company.

  According to reports, Inventec holds 17.65% of Inventec’s shares. Inventec’s losses have already been reported by Inventec. Finish".

  Founded in 1975, Inventec Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of electronic products such as notebook computers, as well as the research and development and manufacturing of products in the fields of cloud computing, wireless communications, and smart devices. Listed in "Global Enterprise Intelligent Manufacturing Patent Ranking (TOP100)".

Inventec also has production bases in Chongqing, Shanghai and other places on the mainland.