China News Service, December 1, According to foreign media reports, Japan has asked the United States to temporarily stop flying F-16 fighter jets in the country. The reason is that on November 30, before an American F-16 fighter plane made an emergency landing near a residential area, The fuel tank was dropped.

  Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi in the leadership meeting of the department ordered the United States to ground the F-16 fighter jet to ensure flight safety and requested the local authorities of Aomori Prefecture to provide complete information.

Data map: F-16 fighter jets.

  A few days ago, an American F-16 fighter jet attached to the Misawa base in Japan made an emergency landing at Aomori Airport in northern Japan. Before the fighter landed, it dropped two fuel tanks in the air.

  One of the fuel tanks was found near the office building of Fukaura Town Government.

The other fuel tank has not been found yet.

Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

  This F-16 fighter is currently at Aomori Airport.

As a result of an emergency landing, the runway was closed, causing the delay or even cancellation of civil flights.

  Japan has submitted its opinions to the United States, demanding that the fighter plane be removed from Aomori Airport as soon as possible, the fuel tanks should be removed, and efforts should be made to ensure safety and to find out the cause of the accident.