Lee Jun-seok, the representative of the People's Power, who has been refusing party duties indefinitely, made a surprise visit to the office of the Busan Sasang Party Members' Council, which is the same constituency as Jang Je-won, a member of the party, today (1st).

In a notice distributed to reporters, Lee's representative said, "CEO Lee visited the office to encourage him, and he had a conversation with the party officials regarding local issues such as the increase or decrease of party members."

Rep. Jang, who is considered to be a close confidant of presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol, has recently opened up an affair with Lee.

After attending the National Assembly Judiciary Committee yesterday, Rep. Jang criticized Lee, saying to reporters, "The point of the current dispute is 'Why are you leaving me?'

Representative Lee also sarcastically said, "Oh my God, that's surprising" in relation to some media reports that Rep. Jang is still exercising his real power even after he declared the white coat of arms on the radio on the 29th of last month.

For this reason, it is analyzed that Lee's visit to the office today is paradoxically a surprise move for him to bypass Rep. Jang.

There is also an interpretation that it is a 'counterfeit' for Secretary-General Kwon Seong-dong of Candidate Yoon's side, who visited the office of the Nowonbyeong Party Members' Council, which is his constituency, Seoul, and stayed for 30 minutes in Lee's absence yesterday.

Meanwhile, Chairman Lee had a meeting with former National Assembly Speaker Chung Eui-hwa in Busan yesterday.

Chairman Jeong said in a phone call today, "I got a call from Lee, and we met alone in Haeundae last night at 9 o'clock."

He continued, "CEO Lee was concerned about the election issue, so he understood presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol well, listened to the elders and senior officials, and advised them to solve them one by one."

"Chairman Lee worried a lot about the party and the country, so he comforted me," Jeong added.

CEO Lee, who left a post on Facebook on the 29th of last month, saying, "If that's the case, then this far" has canceled all public schedules from the next day and is in hiding.

CEO Lee, who went down to Busan with his aides yesterday, is expected to return to Seoul as early as today.

Kim Cheol-geun, director of political affairs at Lee's side, said in a phone call, "I can't say anything about Lee's future plans."

(Photo=Provided by CEO Lee Jun-seok, Yonhap News)