China News Service, November 30. According to a report by the US Chinese website, recently, a female passenger in the United States was tied up for assaulting two flight attendants on a plane and was arrested after arriving at the destination Nashville Airport.

  According to reports, the 42-year-old passenger hit a flight attendant on a flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Nashville, and pulled the hair of another flight attendant.

According to an arrest testimony, when the police arrested her in Nashville, she shouted "shoot me" to the police.

  The testimony also stated that the passenger was named Amanda Henry (Amanda Henry), who smelled of alcohol when he was arrested, spoke vaguely, had bloodshot eyes, and told the police that he had drunk a lot of alcohol.

She was sent to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Prison and was released on the 28th.

  The testimony stated that the crew did not want to pressure the passengers to bring charges.

  "The law enforcement officers took an unruly passenger on Spirit Airlines flight NK222 from Fort Lauderdale to Nashville. We do not tolerate any form of offensive behavior, and none of our flights Welcome the passenger again. Thank you for assisting our crew and local law enforcement guests. We will cooperate with the relevant authorities to ensure that this person is prosecuted to the maximum extent permitted by law." Spirit Airlines said in a statement.

  According to reports, the FAA has received more than 4,600 complaints about passengers' non-compliance in 2021, of which more than 3,300 were related to wearing masks.