The reporter learned from the TV and telephone conference on the summary and exchange of work experience in the prevention and control of wild boar hazards held by the State Forestry and Grass Administration. , Anhui, Ningxia and other 14 provinces (regions) have launched comprehensive pilot projects for the prevention and control of wild boar hazards.

  Each pilot area strengthened organization and leadership, took the initiative to prevent, and constantly improved the compensation system.

Zhejiang and others have set up special work classes or leading groups at different levels, and Shaanxi and other units have issued work plans individually or in conjunction with related units. 117 hunting teams have been established in each pilot area and various forms of training have been carried out.

Guangdong Province has incorporated the prevention and control of wildlife hazards into the forest chief system and the assessment of wildlife protection work by the people's governments at all levels, building a "government-village committee-village" multilateral comprehensive prevention and control system.

  Each pilot area actively explored the comprehensive insurance business for wild animal harm, raised compensation funds through multiple channels, and established a wild animal wounding relief subsidy policy.

Fujian includes the losses of cash crops caused by wild boars into agricultural insurance.

Guangdong is actively exploring the management system of damage compensation, and promotes the inclusion of compensation for wildlife damage into the forestry and agricultural policy insurance system.

Shanxi and Hebei plan to set up comprehensive pilot policy insurance funds.

Shaanxi has included wildlife injury medical care in the scope of reimbursement for residents’ cooperative medical care, and has formulated civil assistance measures to provide civil assistance to people who have been injured by wild animals and have caused residents to live below the minimum living standard.

  In 2017, the State Forestry Administration issued the "Emergency Notice on Effectively Regulating Wild Boar Populations and Preventing and Controlling Wild Boar Hazards."

The "Notice of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration on Further Doing a Good Job in the Prevention and Control of Wild Boar Hazards" and the "Technical Points for Prevention and Control of Wild Boar Hazards" will also be issued in 2021 to guide localities to further strengthen the prevention and control of wild boar hazards, especially to accelerate the promotion of wild boar hazards. Measures such as regulation to prevent and control wild boar hazards.

At present, the National Forestry and Grass Administration has included wild boar and other wild animal hazards prevention and control into the assessment scope of the forest head system, and will be included in the assessment scope of "Safe China".

(Huangshan Wang Rui)