Sudan: the street maintains the pressure despite the agreement between Hamdok and the junta

Pro-democracy demonstrators in the street in Khartoum this Tuesday, November 30, 2021. AFP - ASHRAF SHAZLY

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The streets continue to put pressure on the military junta despite the agreement made by civilian Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok with General Al-Burhan.

Calls for demonstrations have been launched by the entire opposition, political parties and civil society.

The head of government asked the police to show restraint on Tuesday, November 30.


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With our correspondent in Khartoum,

Eliott Brachet

Let the soldiers return to their barracks.

The message is clear, chanted by thousands of Sudanese of all generations, marching for the seventh time in a month in the streets of the capital and across the country.

The demonstrators came from all quarters since the bridges spanning the Nile remained open on Tuesday.

They are heated to white and chant slogans calling for the fall of the military junta.

These generals do not represent us,

denounces a protester.

They are coming back from the past.

From a diet that has already been dropped.

Who for thirty years imposed dictatorship and pain on us.

We also do not allow Hamdok to sit down with generals who have killed 42 of the young revolutionaries since the coup. 


Arrested in hospitals

Protesters say they are determined to occupy the streets until they get justice.

They converged in front of the seat of the Sovereignty Council, appointed by the putschists.

This was the slogan given by the resistance committees.

But the street leading to it is completely blocked by a large deployment of police forces.

Tear gas rained down on the processions.

Stun grenades.

Several demonstrators were hit in the face by taut gunfire.


They would like us to close our eyes,"

launches another protester.


We have been demonstrating for three years.

Our brothers died in this square, our brothers died far from here, in marginalized regions.

You see, people are galvanized by the sound of tear gas.

We have reached a stage where we are no longer afraid.

No longer afraid of tear gas, no longer afraid of bullets, no longer afraid of anything. 


A few live bullets echoed.

With each detonation, the demonstrators disperse before returning to the charge.

The confrontation continued into the night.

Many activists have been arrested, including in hospitals.

Despite the repression, the protest is far from running out of steam. 

Khartoum Downtown marches against Burhan Hamdok agreement and demands the civilian rule. # Nov30march # مليونية 30 نوفمبر

- Mohamed Mustafa (@Moh_Gamea) November 30, 2021

On the sidelines of the demonstrations, the former Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mariam Sadiq al-Mahdi, who is also one of the figures of the civil opposition, set out at the microphone of our correspondent the conditions for a resumption of work with the Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok.

But she also warned against the militarization of political life, which, thanks to the crisis opened by the coup d'état, could lead the country to civil war:

Mariam Sadiq al-Mahdi


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