November 30, 2021 The obligation to obtain a green certificate is back to enter the premises of the European Parliament.

With a previous order, the Court had provisionally ordered that access could also be made by showing a negative test: today the sentence affirming the obligation of the green pass.

The appeal was lodged by several deputies, officials and parliamentary assistants against the decision of last October 27 by the Bureau: "exceptional health and safety rules were introduced for access to Parliament buildings in its three workplaces, Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg ", ie access to buildings allowed only after presentation of a vaccination certificate, negative test or certificate of recovery from Covid-19. After the appeal against this choice - order of November 5, 2021 - the President of the Court had provisionally ordered that the applicants could access the premises on the basis of even just a negative test. 

The reasons of the Court

In his decision today, the President of the Tribunal rejected the requests for suspension.

Thus the reasons: "The mere fact of having to comply with conditions to access the Parliament buildings" - reads the note from the EU Court - "does not mean that this obligation causes the applicants serious and irreparable damage that requires the adoption of interim measures ".