Presidential 2022: Zemmour struggles to switch from the costume of polemicist to that of candidate

The 2022 presidential candidate, Éric Zemmour, on the set of the evening television news of TF1, November 30, 2021. © Thomas COEX / POOL / AFP

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Officially a presidential candidate since Tuesday, November 30, Eric Zemmour was the guest of the 8 p.m. newspaper on TF1 where he appeared tense in front of his interviewer.


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It's a television set that he had never done before. At 8 p.m. on TF1, Éric Zemmour turns a corner. For the first time, he has the opportunity to address the French, not just his fans. But the questions remain the same: his vision of women, his condemnations of incitement to racial hatred. Difficult to change campaign for the new candidate.


You are not going to bring out my sentences in my book like that,"

Eric Zemmour exasperated

. I am no longer the journalist, the writer. I am a presidential candidate, so what I would like you to ask me about my project and my status, not what I wrote. We are not going to redo the ten or so shows that I have already done for two months. 


The candidate Zemmour is struggling to break through under the face of the polemic Zemmour, constantly referred to his favorite themes.

Entering the atmosphere will be complicated to negotiate for a neo-candidate damaged by his last

failed trips.

He will have to surround himself with an operational team, finally meet the French, propose a real program.

Éric Zemmour intends to take advantage of his big meeting at the Zenith in Paris next Sunday, December 5 to give new impetus to his candidacy and make people forget the air gap of his pre-campaign.


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" France

An application video full of stolen images

It will also be necessary to avoid the blunders which can be expensive in justice. In his ten-minute application video recorded two weeks ago and broadcast this Tuesday on social networks, Eric Zemmour used dozens of video clips as violent reports to enhance his remarks. A montage that poses a problem: several authors of these videos claim to have never been informed of this use. 

This is the case, for example, with the newspaper

Le Parisien

, which was not contacted by the candidate's teams. For their part, the France Television and Radio France groups demand that Eric Zemmour pay the rights concerning the images taken. France 24 and France Médias Monde regret the use of images without their consent in this application video. The Gaumont film company, from which extracts from films such as

Joan of Arc

 are reproduced, claims, for its part, to allow itself the right to initiate legal proceedings.

Because in the event of an established violation, it could be a violation of copyright, with a fine of up to 300,000 euros and three years' imprisonment.

Asked Tuesday evening on these wild video resumes, Eric Zemmour spoke of legal quarrels before deciding: “

I do not take care of that.

 On the side of his campaign team, it is ensured that all copyrights have been settled or are in the process of being.


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An application commented on left and right

For Sacha Houlié, deputy LaREM, Eric Zemmour's candidacy video “ 

is an unfortunate attempt to save a disastrous campaign.

That is to say that in reality you have a campaign that is taking water from all sides and in the end, you have this staging which imprints both parody and farce, which takes up a little codes. hackneyed and which ultimately is not very successful. 


On the side of the National Gathering (RN), it is Sébastien Chenu, spokesperson for the RN, who reacted to the video of the polemicist's candidacy: “

 There was zero suspense on the candidacy of Eric Zemmour, just like there has zero programs, zero teams, and probably zero self-control as we have seen in recent days.

So, in fact, it doesn't change much in the decor.

We knew that Eric Zemmour was going to be a candidate, we understood that he is today.



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