Victor Chabert, edited by Clément Perruche 6:31 am, November 30, 2021

The polemicist is expected to announce his candidacy for the presidential election on Tuesday.

He should go to the 8 p.m. newscast on TF1 immediately afterwards.

A strategic date, while the Republicans make their last debate this Tuesday evening before the election by the members of their presidential candidate.


Is this the end of a suspense that was not really one?

After multiple complications - a hesitation in the polls, supporters who leave, his failed trip to Marseille which ended on a middle finger - Eric Zemmour should declare himself a candidate for the presidential election on Tuesday and hopes to be to restart.


 Presidential election: why the week is decisive for Eric Zemmour

TF1 20h guest

The polemicist could formalize his entry into the race for the Élysée Palace in the coming hours via a video posted in particular on social networks. He should be the guest of the 20h of TF1 in the wake. Perfect timing to parasitize the Congress of Republicans, whose five candidates are debating this Tuesday evening for the last time before the opening, Wednesday, of the membership vote.

This week is decidedly decisive for Éric Zemmour, who will also hold a big meeting on Sunday at the Zénith in Paris.

His team intends to make this gathering the symbol of a new stage.

He will also reveal the name of his party.

And try to change, still incomplete, between the costume of the polemicist and that of the politician.

This is the main criticism made to him since the failed trip to Marseille.

As one of the ex-journalist's relatives confided, declaring himself a candidate when the dynamic is no longer on his side shows that Eric Zemmour really wants to go and that he is not in a bubble.