Ministerial reshuffle in Niger: the Minister of the Interior leaves his post

Originally from the Tillabéri region (west), Hamadou Adamou Souley is close to President Mohamed Bazoum (our photo).

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Ministerial reshuffle in Niger: several ministers change posts, in particular the Minister of the Interior, Alkache Alhada, who is leaving this strategic ministry.

This change comes a few days after the incidents in Téra, where a convoy of the French army was attacked by the population.


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This technical reshuffle marks the departure from the government of two ministers, that of Justice, Dr. Boubacar Hassan, and that of the Civil Service, Ms. Attaka Zaharatou.

Both are from the MPR Jamhuriya party, from the presidential movement.

They were replaced by two personalities from the same party, a sovereign decision, it is said, of the president of their party.

They are Ikta Abdoulaye Mohamed at Justice and Hadiza Douara Kafougou at the Civil Service.

A departure that comes after the demonstrations of Téra

But this reshuffle is above all the departure of the Minister of the Interior, Alkache Alhada, for another post, that of Trade.

He was replaced by Hamadou Adamou Souley, previously at Equipment.

This departure comes just 48 hours after the violent demonstrations by young people in the city of Téra.

On November 27, they tried to block the French army convoy in transit for Gao in Mali.

A failure of the law enforcement system

Officially, there were two young people who died, and several seriously wounded by gunshots, evacuated to the national hospital in Niamey.

Informed sources, there was a breakdown in the policing system that day in Téra.

And the Minister of the Interior paid for these incidents of Téra, specify the same sources.

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