China News Service, November 30. According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, on the 30th, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan is regarded as the successor of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, "Kishida successor" 7 candidates, reflecting the financial strength of the 2020 political fund revenue and expenditure report All out.

The top income is the secretary general Toshimitsu Motegi, which is 144.19 million yen (approximately RMB 8.1 million).

The second place is Foreign Minister Lin Fangzheng's 105.58 million yen.

Both of them received more income from political fund gatherings and political donations from individuals, companies and groups.

  Motegi assumed the chairmanship of the Hara Takeshita Group (Heisei Research Association) in late November, and the "Mogi Group" was established.

In 2020, three "specified gatherings" with a single income of 10 million yen or more were held, which was counted as 72.12 million yen.

Donations from companies and organizations in Tochigi Prefecture in its own constituency also performed well, at 39.03 million yen. The overall income was slightly higher than in 2019.

Data map: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

  The report pointed out that Lin Fang is the second in command of the "Kishida faction" led by Kishida.

Once a senator, he became a member of the House of Representatives in the October House of Representatives election and became one of the candidates to succeed.

In 2020, he held 8 rallies and reported 68.42 million yen in income.

Centered on Yamaguchi Prefecture in his constituency, it received 18.1 million yen in donations from individuals and companies.

  The third place is former environmental minister Shinjiro Koizumi's 94.78 million yen.

In view of the decrease in the number of rallies held, etc., revenue decreased by 41.6 million yen from the previous year.

In the September Liberal Democratic Party presidential election, Kono Taro, who lost to Kishida in the final vote, was 91.67 million yen, ranking fourth.

Kono received the most personal donations among the seven, reaching 20.75 million yen.

  According to reports, the fifth place is 70.29 million yen from former secretary-general Shigeru Shigeru.

The sixth and seventh are 65.12 million yen for Seiko Ainoda, who is in charge of local creation, and 31.57 million yen for Sanae Takaichi, chairperson of political affairs investigation.

Noda also decreased 34.98 million yen from the previous year due to the decrease in the number of rallies.

  According to the report, the statistical object of this income is based on Japan's "Political Funds Regulation Act", and 7 people are reported to the Minister of General Affairs and the prefectural election management committee as "political organizations related to members of the Diet."