Geagea warns: Postponing the parliamentary elections means a "slow death"

The leader of the Christian Lebanese Forces party, Samir Geagea, revealed that Hezbollah and its allies are working to postpone the parliamentary elections scheduled for 2022 for fear of losing the elections, warning that this step will lead Lebanon to more "slow death."

Geagea said in an interview with Reuters that Hezbollah and its ally, the Free Patriotic Movement led by President Michel Aoun, will work to postpone or disrupt the elections, "because they are almost certain that they will lose the parliamentary majority in their possession."

He added from his residence in the town of Maarab, located in the mountains overlooking the coastal town of Jounieh, "the current situation as things are going... state institutions and therefore the state is degrading day by day."

He added, "Continuing with the current situation will lead to the dissolution of the state, and this is the death that we can reach... From this point of view, elections are a very urgent necessity, and it is an exceptional process that is required more than any other time."

Without elections in parliament, in which Iran-backed Hezbollah and its allies have a majority, he said, "you'll see more of the same," referring to the financial meltdown in Lebanon, which the United Nations says has left 80 percent of its people in poverty.

He added, "If we have any hope of reversing events, meaning that events in Lebanon will take a different course from what they are at the present time and that we begin with a new rescue process, it is with this election in particular, and therefore it is not acceptable, whatever the reason, for these elections to be postponed or disrupted. ".

He went on to say, "The most important thing now is the parliamentary elections, so that we come out with a different parliamentary majority. What else, if the Lebanese did not assume their responsibility and we returned to the same parliamentary majority, instead of your safety, the situation will continue as it is. After the parliamentary elections for every recent incident."

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