China News Service, Fuzhou, November 30 (Long Min Zheng Jiangluo) You Yufei, deputy secretary of the Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and deputy director of the Supervisory Commission, revealed at a press conference on the 30th that Fujian discipline inspection and supervision organs are unswervingly "fighting tigers" and "swinging flies." "Fox hunting", severely investigated and dealt with cases of serious violations of discipline and law by provincial officials such as Lin Wenyao, Chen Lihua, Zhang Lijie, and Lin Jinben.

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, 1864 people in the province have voluntarily surrendered.

  According to reports, from November 2016 to October this year, the province’s discipline inspection and supervision agencies have filed a total of 66,945 cases, of which 255 were department-level officials and 1,910 were department-level officials, and 63,602 were given party disciplinary and government sanctions.

  Fujian has deepened its special treatment of corruption in areas such as poverty alleviation and people's livelihood, and normalized the punishment of corruption and "protective umbrellas" involving triads and crimes, and vigorously promoted the sinking of supervision.

You Yufei said that Fujian innovatively carried out "point-of-issue rectification" and formed a working mechanism, and some urgent and hopeful problems were solved.

In the past five years, the province has investigated and dealt with 15,634 corruption and work style issues around the people, and punished 13,186 people with party discipline and government affairs.

  You Yufei said that Fujian continues to carry out the "Skynet Operation" to promote the integrated construction of chasing evasion, preventing evasion and recovering stolen goods.

In the past five years, the province has recovered a total of 477 people who fled, including 147 party members and state officials, and recovered 883 million yuan in stolen money.

Since 2019, there have been no new surveillance targets in the province who have fled abroad.