They confirmed the stability of the health situation in the country and the decrease in “Corona” injuries.

Doctors call for adherence to precautionary measures during the fiftieth Union Day celebrations

  • Bassam Mahboub.

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Specialized doctors stressed the need to continue to adhere to precautionary measures, during the celebrations of the fiftieth Union Day, despite the stability of the health situation in the country, in order to preserve the safety of everyone, stressing that the “Corona” virus is not over yet, and caution must be exercised towards it.

Doctors said that during the country's celebrations of the fiftieth Union Day, families are keen to go out in festive gatherings, in public parks and beaches, which is witnessing a great physical closeness, calling for adherence to all precautionary measures to confront any possible infection.

The family medicine specialist at Fakeeh University Hospital, Dr. Adel Saeed Sajwani, said that the health situation is stable in the country, thanks to the procedures and policies that the government has implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, the provision of vaccines, supporting doses, and the development of proactive plans and policies.

He called on people with chronic diseases, and those suffering from respiratory diseases, not to mix with others, in order to protect them from infection, stressing the need to follow the instructions and instructions for health measures.

For her part, Vice-President of the Emirates Public Health Association, Dr. Badriya Al-Harami, said that during the celebrations of the fiftieth anniversary of the Union, we must not forget that the world is still under the influence of the "Covid-19" pandemic, and new mutants of the virus still appear from time to time. She pointed out that "the UAE has made great strides in addressing this pandemic, and has made unprecedented efforts that the whole world will witness, in light of the wisdom of leadership, and the sincerity and dedication of the people of the country, so it is important to maintain the success of these efforts closely related to the success of the planning stage for recovery, and the continuation of commitment." By following precautionary and preventive measures, and staying away from crowded places as much as possible.

And she stressed the need to adhere to physical distancing, and to wear masks, to reduce the spread of infection between people, whether it is (Covid-19), seasonal influenza, or other viral infections, and the need to adhere to washing and sterilizing hands regularly, and avoiding contact with surfaces that may be contaminated. Or you may be prone to germs.

And she added that it is important to avoid mixing with sick people or who show any symptoms of influenza, advising individuals to take the supporting dose of the "Covid-19" vaccination, and to review the vaccination centers of the various health authorities in the Emirates.

Corona injuries decreased

Consultant Chest Diseases at the Emirates Medical Association, Dr. Bassam Mahboub, confirmed that health security is the most important type of security at all, noting that the high vaccination rates achieved by the country led to a marked decrease in Corona injuries in general, and critical cases that require entry. To the intensive care rooms in particular, thanks to the wise decisions and actions taken by the state.

He added, "In order for society to enjoy security and health stability, precautionary measures must continue to be adhered to, wearing masks, washing hands and physical distancing during the period of celebrations of the fiftieth Union Day, and various occasions."

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