Kenta Izumi, who was elected as the new representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, will hurry to consider the new party officer personnel at a press conference, keeping in mind that the three candidates who fought in this representative election will be appointed as executive officers. Was shown.

In this, Mr. Izumi said about the new party officer personnel, "I was doing my best in the representative election, so I can not see everything, but I talked with the party unanimous, so personnel affairs with that attitude. I would like the members of the party to play an active role in various fields based on their abilities and specialties. "

On top of that, "I'm planning to have Mr. Nishimura, Mr. Osaka, and Mr. Ogawa, who fought for this representative election, join the executive officers. In addition, the executive board meeting that I have promised. I want to aim to make half of the members of the group female. "

On the other hand, the Communist Party wants to maintain the joint struggle with the Constitutional Democratic Party in the previous House of Representatives election. I don't think it's there. We are aiming for the party's generalization and revitalization. "