The Constitutional Democratic Party will hold an extraordinary party convention at a hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo from 1:00 pm, and a new representative will be elected to replace Mr. Edano, who has been the representative since the formation of the party in 2017.

We will update the state of the representative election from time to time.

13:00 Extraordinary party convention begins

An extraordinary party convention has begun at a hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

After 12:00 Mr. Ogawa "I was determined and determined to take office as a representative" at the rally.

Mr. Ogawa's camp held a rally at a hotel in Tokyo, attended by 25 members of the Diet.

In this, Mr. Ogawa said, "In the representative election, I was keenly aware that it was a process of raising and training people again, and I was determined and determined to become a representative. Step by step, I steadily revived the party and it is suitable for a new era. I would like to meet the wishes of the people who are waiting for a proper politics. "

11:30 Sugi Izumi "Sweaty representative for everyone" at the rally

Mr. Izumi's camp held a rally at a hotel in Tokyo, and about 50 people including members of parliament and local council attended.

In this, Mr. Izumi said, "I want to be a sweaty representative for you. Create an environment where all the people who gather in the Constitutional Democratic Party can demonstrate their abilities, expand the circle of support, and the upcoming Upper House elections and unified local elections. I can't be optimistic about the situation, but I want to stay calm and fight with all my might. "

After 11:00 Mr. Nishimura "The change of government to become Japan's first female Prime Minister"

Mr. Nishimura's camp held a rally at a hotel in Tokyo, and about 20 people including members of parliament and local council members attended.

In this, Mr. Nishimura said, "I want to be the representative and correct the politics of this country. I will put my thoughts into the last speech, so please give me the last push. I will do my best until I become Prime Minister. I am determined to do my best to protect the lives and livelihoods of the people. "

Around 10:10, at the rally of Mr. Osaka, "I will win the seat of the representative anyway]

Mr. Osaka's camp held a rally within the Diet, which was attended by about 20 members of the Diet.

In this, Mr. Osaka said, "We will overcome some differences in policies and thoughts and move toward big goals. We must hold this election as one step. We will be a political party that will be useful to the people. I want to come. My strength is tenacity. I will win the position of representative anyway. "

How the representative election works

The representative election of the Constitutional Democratic Party is contested by voting by members of the Diet belonging to the party, prospective official candidates for national elections, local members, party members and supporters.

Voting is converted into points and aggregated.

▽ 140 members of both Houses of Parliament

are assigned

2 points per person, and

▽ Currently, there are 6 prospective candidates for national elections,

1 point per person, for a total of 286 points. increase.

In addition,

143 points will be allocated to

more than 1,200 local councilors nationwide

, and the same 143 points will be allocated to party members and supporters,

and points will be distributed to candidates according to the number of votes obtained.

Out of the total of 572 points,

the candidate who wins


majority will be elected as the new representative.

In the case of final voting, by voting by members of the Diet and representatives of each prefecture

If no candidate earns a majority of points, the top two will vote in the final.

The final vote will


contested with


total of 333 points,

with 2 points for each member of the Diet

, 1 point for


prospective official candidate, and 1 point for

each representative of each prefecture