China News Service, Yinchuan, November 29 (Reporter Li Peishan) "Give the river beach land to the government, let it be restored naturally, and protect the environment in exchange for the prosperity of future generations." On the 29th, Zhang Zhang, Xingqing District, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Dong Yanling, the propaganda cadre of the two committees of the government, town and village, told reporters.

  Since the start of the resumption of river flats in Xingqing District on October 12, 2019, this sentence has become a "house word" for local officials to mobilize villagers to sign river flat withdrawal agreements. They can be seen mobilizing villagers at any place and at any time. Silhouette.

  In the face of the villagers who have been farming on the river beach for generations, mobilizing them to return the land is not an easy task.

The wetlands recovered on the banks of the Yellow River in Yinchuan are full of greenery (data map).

Photo courtesy of Financial Media Center, Xingqing District

  "When the mobilization was first started, the villagers did not understand or cooperate. We had to go door to door to explain, telling them that the country reclaimed the land to protect the Mother River. Only when the ecology is better, the environment we live in will become more and more. Good.” Dong Yanling told reporters that in order to protect the Mother River, every cadre bears the responsibility on his shoulders and tries his best to overcome various difficulties. “First do the ideological work of party members. If it fails once, then twice. If it fails, then explain it. We must clarify the policy to the masses and make it clear.” With their efforts, the masses who depend on the river beaches for their livelihoods gradually understood the importance of "returning" the beach land, and they received extensive support and cooperation from the masses.

  "We cultivate on the river beach all the year round, not only consumes land and water, but also fertilizes and fights medicine is not good for the environment. Since the country has a call, we also actively respond to it. For future generations, this land will be handed over." Qiangjiamiao Village, Zhangzheng Town Said the villager Zhang Jianhua.

Beautiful homes in Zhangzheng Town, nourished by the Yellow River (data map).

Photo courtesy of Financial Media Center, Xingqing District

  According to statistics, Xingqing District has received compensation for 55,500 mu of river beach land and 45,500 mu for transportation.

At present, all the recovered river beaches have been handed over to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Yinchuan Municipal People's Government, and Yinchuan State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission will carry out ecological restoration in accordance with the approved "Ecological Restoration Plan for River Beaches along Yinchuan Section of the Yellow River".

By carrying out the reclamation of river beaches, effective management of the Xingqing section of the Yellow River, removal of illegal structures (structures), and effective protection of the coastal ecological environment.