To realize a symbiotic society with foreigners, the government's Council of Experts has put together a written opinion that it is necessary to work on Japanese language education for social participation and strengthening information dissemination to foreigners.

The government plans to prepare a schedule by June next year.

The government's expert meeting, which was established in February, summarized opinions on the ideal way of a symbiotic society with foreigners and medium- to long-term issues, and on the afternoon of the 29th, President Akihiko Tanaka of the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies chaired the meeting. I submitted it to Minister of Justice Furukawa.

In this, it is necessary to focus on Japanese language education for smooth communication and social participation, information dissemination to foreigners and strengthening of consultation system, as well as support according to life stage and life cycle. increase.

Specifically, in order to establish a qualification of "certified Japanese teacher" to improve the quality of Japanese language education, and to surely convey evacuation areas in the event of a disaster and support measures in the corona disaster, the My Number system We are requesting push-type information transmission using the dedicated site "Minaportal".

In response to this, the government will conduct interviews with related parties and prepare a process chart for the realization of a symbiotic society with foreigners by June next year.