“The fact that we have an ugly attitude to appeals, not only to citizens' appeals, but also to parliamentary inquiries is a fact.

We ask about one thing in our addresses, and we receive answers to another.

There really is a problem, the problem is urgent, ”the deputy said.

According to him, pensioners in Russia are of different categories, including military pensioners;

pensioners receiving a disability pension, receiving a survivor's pension, etc.

“The question should be discussed, how to provide for these qualifying signs, taking into account the fact that there are many categories ... In general, we must understand that our attitude towards letters from citizens is useless and the system deserves correction,” the parliamentarian concluded.

Earlier, Anton Orlov, director of the Institute for Research into Problems of Contemporary Politics, proposed increasing the fine for improper consideration of citizens' appeals, as well as introducing a new provision providing for punishment for violating the procedure for considering appeals from citizens of retirement age.

In a letter that RT has at its disposal, it is said that officials are far from always ready to conscientiously fulfill their obligations to provide an answer.