- The Uppsala shuttle runs between Stockholm and Knivsta.

Then there is the bus between Uppsala and Knivsta.

High-speed trains and intercity are redirected via Sala and Västerås, says Lina Edström at SJ's press office.

According to P4's traffic editors, the same applies to SL's commuter trains.

How long the traffic will be affected is unclear.

- We have not received any forecast from the Swedish Transport Administration, so we are awaiting their forecast, says Lina Edström.

- We have opened up our disruption booking, which means that you can book or rebook your trip yourself on the website.

What do you say to the refined travelers after all the train traffic that has been going on lately?

- It is fantastically boring for the commuters who trust that they will be able to get to work and school with our trains.

But we work to solve that it will be as good as possible, says Lina Edström.

Are they compensated in any way?

- Yes, it is our usual travel time rules that apply.