It is the first time since the new warning system was introduced at the end of October that SMHI has now issued a red warning for wind in combination with snowfall in western Sweden.

The warning applies, according to SMHI's website, from Wednesday morning until Thursday morning.

At the same time, it is pointed out that the warnings are continuously updated.

But what to do if a red warning has been issued?

SMHI writes that the public should completely refrain from activities that involve exposure during such weather "as well as take preventive measures for life, the environment and property".

In other words: Try to stay indoors if you can and do not risk your life by driving around with summer tires.

At the same time, the public sector must take a number of preventive measures and ensure that the public receives information.

The different warning levels are yellow, orange and red.

Yellow warning means an expected weather situation with consequences for society and certain risks for the public, orange is slightly worse with "serious consequences for society and bad for the public."

And the worst is the red warning.