Omicron variant: Japan closes its borders to foreign visitors

Japan announced the closure of its borders on Monday, November 29, 2021. AP - Koji Sasahara

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Japan is concerned about the progress of the new Omicron variant in the world and has decided to follow Israel's example by announcing, as of Tuesday, the closure of its borders to all foreign visitors.

Japanese nationals returning from certain countries will also have to undergo a quarantine on their return to Japan.


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With our correspondent in Tokyo,

Frédéric Charles

Japan is closing its borders, three weeks after having partially opened them to business travelers, foreign students and interns, but not tourists.

Foreigners residing in Japan are not affected by this measure.

But since the Japanese returning from six countries in Africa and other countries where infections

with the novel Omicron variant

have been identified - such as the United Kingdom, Australia and Austria - they will have to submit to strict measures of 'isolation.

Up to 14 days depending on risk in hotels designated by the government and not at their homes as is currently the case.

Japan does not wait to learn more about the dangerousness of the Omicron variant to close in on itself.

At the moment, the country is currently relatively spared from the pandemic and it has not yet detected the new strain.

A person who arrived from Namibia infected with the coronavirus is currently being examined to determine whether or not they are a carrier of the Omicron variant.


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