China News Service, November 29. According to the WeChat official account of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently issued the "Notice on Establishing an Epidemic Prevention and Prediction Mechanism for Tourism Hotspots", focusing on the requirements of normalizing the epidemic prevention and control situation and establishing scientific research and judgment. , Classification guidance, dynamic adjustment, and precise prevention and control of tourism hotspot epidemic prevention and control mechanism, further consolidate the "quartet responsibilities", implement the "four early" requirements, and promote the advancement of epidemic prevention and control barriers.

  Establishing an epidemic prevention and forecasting mechanism for tourism hotspots is an important measure for the cultural and tourism industry to strengthen epidemic prevention and control. The mechanism focuses on tourist hotspots, highlights the key points of epidemic prevention and control, and adheres to the principles of scientific prevention and control, precise prevention and control, and joint prevention and control. Strengthen pre-prevention, classified guidance, coordinated linkage, adopt scientific methods, strengthen risk research and judgment, and adopt more precise prevention and control measures according to time and place, which will give the cultural and tourism industries the initiative to prevent and control the epidemic, and improve the ability of normalized epidemic prevention and control Level, it is of great significance to promote the high-quality development of the culture and tourism industry.

  Epidemic prevention forecasts for tourist hotspots are based on the heat index, and a percentage system is implemented. Three warning levels are set up for first-level (red) warning, second-level (orange) warning and potential risk warning.

The heat index calculation scope includes 334 prefecture-level and above cities and key county-level cities across the country, taking into account base period indicators such as urban tourism carrying capacity, market recovery rate, growth rate, and tourism publication and dissemination, interaction and transactions, and satisfaction in sample areas. Current indicators such as comfort level, as well as expected indicators such as online search volume, traveling salesman purchase volume, and tourist booking volume.

  It is reported that the epidemic prevention forecast for tourism hotspots in December 2021 issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism involves Xiamen, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Haikou, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Beijing, Foshan, Hefei, and Tianjin. , Suzhou City, Putian City, Shantou City and other places, the forecast requires the relevant areas to scientifically study and judge the situation, plan and deploy in advance, and urge all kinds of tourism business units and business premises to strictly implement various epidemic prevention and control guidelines, in accordance with the "strictly and strictly 20 articles" "The notice requires detailed implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

At the same time, strengthen the coordination and docking with the territorial industry and information, health, transportation and other departments to form a joint force.