China's highest prosecution: The crime of opening casinos is high, and there are many factors outside the country (border)

  China News Service, Beijing, November 29 (Xie Yanbing, Zhang Su) Miao Shengming, a member of the Procuratorate of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and Director of the First Prosecutor’s Office, stated in Beijing on the 29th that the crime of opening casinos has a high incidence, compared with other crimes. There are many external factors.

  On the same day, China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate held a press conference on "Performing procuratorial functions in accordance with the law and severely punishing crimes of opening casinos", and released typical cases of procuratorial organs punishing crimes of opening casinos.

  Miao Shengming introduced at the press conference that from the data on the crime of opening casinos handled by the procuratorial organs, comparing the average number of cases handled from January to September this year with the three-year period from 2018 to 2020, procuratorial organs across the country accepted and reviewed 24,539 arrests. 52,422 persons, an increase of 22.85% and 14.18%; 18,739 arrests of 36,780 persons were approved, an increase of 17.79% and 6.4%; 29,870 cases were investigated and prosecuted, 74,104 persons, an increase of 46% and 33.26%; 25,140 cases, 63,238 persons were prosecuted, an increase of 49.27% ​​and 45.71%.

"The crime of opening a casino is high."

  He further pointed out the new characteristics of the current casino crime and case handling.

First, compared with other crimes, the crime of opening a casino involves more factors outside the country (border).

"The main manifestation is that overseas gambling criminal groups use high returns as the temptation to develop our domestic personnel to become agents. The agent organizes our domestic citizens to go abroad to gamble, and to evade crackdowns, the server is placed overseas, and the Internet is used to invite gambling and gambling in our territory. , To implement the crime of opening a casino on the Internet."

  Judging from the case data, from January to September this year, procuratorial organs across the country prosecuted 13,329 foreign-related crimes (foreign-related crimes, Hong Kong and Macao-related crimes), of which 1,376 were crimes of opening a casino, accounting for 10.32%, second only to The crime of illegally crossing a country (frontier) ranks second.

  Miao Shengming said that the second is that the new type of casino crime is highly deceptive and concealed.

The third is the long chain of crimes, the large number of people involved, and the formation of criminal syndicates.

Fourth, crimes involve a wide area, with great social impact and serious harm.

  In introducing the five typical cases released on the same day, Zhang Xiaojin, deputy director of the First Procuratorate of the Supreme People's Procuratorate, pointed out that these cases more intuitively reflect the new changes and new characteristics of the new type of casino crime.

  He introduced that in the case of Liu Moumou, Zeng Moumou and other 11 people opening a casino, the defendant Liu Moumou moved the online gambling server originally operated in China to foreign operations in order to evade the Chinese judicial authorities.

In a series of cases involving 63 people such as Wu and others opening a casino, Wu and others rely on foreign casinos to organize Chinese citizens to go abroad for gambling, and use a high share to lure relevant personnel to become agents.

  It is understood that in order to severely crack down on such crimes in accordance with the law, the Criminal Law Amendment (11) that came into effect on March 1 this year amended Article 303 of the Criminal Law, and the legal maximum penalty for the crime of opening a casino was changed from the original fixed-term imprisonment. 3 years, increased to 5 years, and added new regulations for organizing and participating in the crime of gambling outside the country (border).

  While severely punishing the crime of opening casinos in accordance with the law, Miao Shengming stated that the Supreme People’s Procuratorate has jointly issued the "Notice on Urging Criminal Suspects in Cross-border Gambling to surrender" in response to the new characteristics of the current crimes of opening casinos. Those who are lucky enough to engage in gambling crimes clarify the policy, and those who voluntarily return to the country to explain the situation and accept punishment will be given lighter and mitigated punishments in accordance with the law.