The representative election of the Constitutional Democratic Party, which was followed by a four-person election campaign, will be counted on the 30th.

In the first round of voting, none of the candidates reached the majority, and the new representative is expected to be elected by the top two finalists.

In the representative election of the Constitutional Democratic Party, former Prime Minister Seiji Osaka, Vice-Chairman of the Diet Measures Ogawa, Political Survey Chairman Izumi, and former Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Nishimura ran for a debate over the rebuilding of the party. rice field.

An extraordinary party convention was held at a hotel in Tokyo from 1:00 pm on the 30th, and after the results of the "local vote" of local members and party members / supporters, which was closed on the 29th, were reported, the members of the Diet and others voted. It is done.

The representative election is

▽ 280 points allocated to 140 parliamentarians 2 points each,

▽ 6 points each of the 6 prospective candidates for the House of Councilors election next year

, and

▽ local councilors and party members nationwide. The 143 points assigned to each supporter will be

contested for


total of 572 points.

In the situation so far, the support for both the parliamentary vote and the local vote has been distributed to four people, none of them reached the majority in the first vote, and the new representative was elected by the final vote by the top two people. It is expected to be.

The final vote is

▽ 280 points that 140 members of the Diet have 2 points per person,

▽ 6 points that the prospective official candidates for the Upper House election have 1 point each, and

▽ 47 points that the representatives of each prefecture have 1 point each. , A

total of 333 points will be contested.

In the final vote, the weight of the parliamentary vote is high, and the focus is on the movement of the camp of the candidate who lost in the first time, so there are active movements within the party with an eye on the final vote.