• The rental contract is finally ready to be signed: the "common house" of the presidential majority will finally be launched on Monday.

  • But far from a roommate, “Together citizens!

    Is more like a condominium where everyone stays at home.

  • Behind the scenes, those close to Edouard Philippe seem to have taken the advantage over the MoDem, which wanted a greater rapprochement between the pro-Macron parties.

If, since his election to the Elysee Palace, Emmanuel Macron has seemed to show little interest in partisan considerations, others have done it for him. In the majority, the last few weeks have been largely occupied by the construction of a "common house" - according to the expression now established - to bring together all the pro-Macron parties. The inauguration of this new entity, called “Together citizens! », Will take place Monday evening at Mutuality in Paris.

Contrary to the monolithic image often given by the presidential majority, La République en Marche, the flagship, is in fact accompanied by a myriad of small center-left and center-right parties.

There is of course the Democratic Movement (of François Bayrou), but also Agir (which brings together former LR and UDI), Territories of progress and In Common (for the "left macronists") and for a few weeks also Horizons, the new party of Edouard Philippe.

So many parties that will keep their independence within the new formation.

"It's already working"

So what's up under the sun? “The objective is twofold,” explains Maud Bregeon, spokesperson for La République en Marche. First, it is a question of rallying around this organization for the presidential election. And then we want to inscribe in the long term and in the political landscape this central place that we occupy today. A place that this structure allows to consolidate. "

In the left wing of the majority, as in Territoire de Progress, MP Catherine Osson recognizes that “Together citizens!

Is not a "huge change".

“In truth, parliamentarians are already working together.

On important texts, the "common house" is already working ", assumes the elected representative of the North.

Monday evening's event and the new structure, even if it is not very restrictive, will above all make it possible to “demonstrate the rallying” of the majority.

Thereupon, its different components are on the same line.

Disappointment among the centrists

But we are quite far from the great political force that François Bayrou wanted to create at the start of the school year, or from the “great French democratic party” called for by Stéphane Séjourné, now leader of the liberal group in the European Parliament. To date, “Together citizens! “Looks more like a label for the 2022 electoral campaign.“ We are disappointed, but we are still happy that it is done ”, we confide, a bit annoyed, a source within the MoDem. And to add: “We are never 100% satisfied in a compromise. "

Except that, in this compromise, François Bayrou did not necessarily see Edouard Philippe's new party, Horizons.

“For us, it's a right-wing party.

With whom we can discuss, of course, but who did not necessarily have a vocation to enter the "common house" ", continues the centrist source.

Relations between François Bayrou and the former Prime Minister are notoriously bad.

Edouard Philippe did not want a new entity that was too integrated and was urged to come there, LREM not wanting to see it move away too far.

Satisfaction at Edouard Philippe

Thus, at Horizons, the result of negotiations for the common house is "of course" a "success", blows a relative of Edouard Philippe at

20 Minutes

. In the entourage of the ex-tenant of Matignon, we do not hide a desire to project in the shorter term than the boss of the Modem: “Bayrou was legitimate in wanting to build his central political force for the next 30 years. We wanted to come to an agreement for the next polls, and then we'll see how we move forward. This Horizons framework insists on the "flexibility" demanded by Edouard Philippe for the new Macronian entity.

A flexibility which does not, however, prevent mergers projects, in particular that planned between Agir and Horizons, on the right wing.

The Modem does not rule out stronger integration with La République en Marche either.

"In a group meeting, François Bayrou compared the functioning of the" common house "to that of the European Union, with enhanced cooperation for parties that want it," said a member of the Democratic Movement.

Among the macronists, we are truly European to the tips of our fingers.


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